Cape May brewery Rebrand and App

Art Direction: Scott Laserow

Cape May Brewery is located in Cape May, New Jersey. It is known for putting New Jersey on the map as a beer state and has the largest taproom in New Jersey. They are located at the Cape May Airport and brew their beers in an old airplane hanger. Their rapidly growing brand needed a rebrand, which is where I come in!

For my senior thesis project, I wanted to rebrand the brewery but also create an phone app that would allow it's dedicated followers to always be in the know about what is happening at the brewery. The app includes On Tap, On Deck, Packs, Tours, Food, and Checklists. On tap previews what is currently on tap and on deck speaks to what is currently brewing and will be released soon. Packs tells the user where they can purchase their favorite beer and the user can schedule a tour under the tours tab. Under food, you can access the closest food establishments where you are able to order and have your food delivered to the brewery. Lastly, checklists, features two checklists: your personal list where you can mark down what you have already tried, what you liked, and what you didn't like and the brewery list, which features what other users have been loving or hating.

I chose this brewery because I have spent a good portion of my life at my parent's beach house in Cape May. As soon as I turned 21, the brewery quickly became a favorite place for my family, not only for the great beer, but for the relaxed atmosphere.